Image-Based H&E Biomarkers Profiling within Minutes

Imagene provides a disruptive AI-based genomic testing solution to leverage the patient's histological data for personalized therapy

OncoHost develops personalized strategies to maximize the success of cancer therapy

OncoHost™ is developing cutting-edge technology to characterize, analyze, and predict patient response to treatment, enabling personalized treatment strategies with improved outcomes & reduced side effects.

Innovative nanotechnology delivering personalized transient skin-like layer

Nanomedic’s Spincare system replaces the traditional wound therapy approach, utilizing a ‎skin-like nanofibrous matrix to cover wounds, ushering in a new era for personalized and ‎improved healing.‎ Spincare enhances your capabilities, increases your independence, and betters your overall experience with your patients and fellow staff.

The Off Switch for Menstrual Pain

Livia provides instant, drug-free relief from menstrual cramps. With the touch of a button, the wearable device stimulates nerves to block pain. No pills, no side effects, no interruptions to your day.

Designing the bio-molecular machines of tomorrow

create the knowledge and tools to design and build novel biomolecular components, pathways, and networks to rewire and reprogram organisms to supply humanity's needs

Reversing Degenerative Disc Disease

The Discure System is designed to treat and reverse degenerative disc disease (DDD), healing the discs, reducing pain, and restoring function to patients, via a minimally invasive, implantable bioelectronic approach.

Visual intelligence that provides more data for better care

270Surgical was founded by a team of industry experts who have worked in endoscopy visual optics for years, and have successfully introduced impactful devices for physicians and their patients. The company is dedicated to bringing a new dimension to surgery by bringing a surround vision experience to the OR.

Electric Global

Simplifying storage, transport, and use of hydrogen in off-grid applications and long-term storage.


Medi-Tate is an Israeli medical device company. Our company is dedicated to improve men’s healthcare and quality of life via effective, non-surgical solutions for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). The flagship iTind treatment for BPH currently has the EU CE Mark and is available for sale in the European Union, Canada, Brazil, Israel and South Africa.d for listing the services offered by your company on your website.


NewPhase patented nano-particle (SaNP) utilizes two characteristics of cancer cells, namely that cancer cells are anaerobic consuming 28 times more glucose than normal cells (Warburg effect) and that the membrane of all cells burst when heated to 46˚C. When exposed to radio frequency (RF) energy causes the destruction of cancer cell membranes - thus killing cancer cells, and only cancer cells.


RedDress, a private medical device company, developed a ground breaking, biologic advanced wound care product, based on a patented technology to reproduce the natural process of the body to heal wounds. The company based in Israel, was founded in 2009, by Dr. Igal Kushnir MD and Alon Kushnir and is focused on developing effective solutions that improve outcomes for patients.


Trisol Medical develops a Transcatheter Tricuspid Valve Replacement (TTVR). The Trisol valve is constructed out of nitinol frame with specially designed sail-like leaflet. Its unique design provides a comprehensive solution to Tricuspid Regurgitation and RV dysfunction.


CAPTIS® is a next-generation full-body embolic protection device, easily and intuitively deployed and retrieved. The device is securely positioned in the aorta, protects its surface while facilitating a seamless TAVI procedure.


Addon Optics has patented and developed a breakthrough technology platform, introducing a completely new way to manufacture and distribute progressive lenses.


S.T. Stent’s composite, flexible nasal stent keeps the ethmoid sinus open following functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS). Unlike other stents, the S.T. Stent provides stable support up to 28 days.


Harnessing the power of satellite imagery and AI. A data-fusion AI platform uses real-time data to observe, identify and prevent crop yield production failures. Reducing uncertainties and complexities in the world's food supply chain.


QuantalX Neuroscience is a medical device company established by neuroscientists who are committed to revolutionizing the current approach of brain health diagnosis. Together with a dedicated team of developers, scientists, physicians, and business leaders we tackle the clinical, economic, and operational challenges leading to late diagnosis and misdiagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases.

Anchora Medical

Minimal invasive suturing is a technically complex and time-consuming procedure. The Su2ura ® Approximation Device is a unique, sterile single-use device, it is indicated in endoscopic surgery for the placement of interrupted or running stitches in soft tissue. The device incorporates tiny stainless steel anchors threaded on a surgical thread creating either running or interrupted sutures in the tissue.


Edity is developing an exciting new platform that harnesses the immune system to deliver therapeutic proteins direct to the cytoplasm of target cells to reprogram cells and tissue back to health.


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